Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Heart of Life

"Pain throws your heart to the ground" "No it won't all go the way it should" "Bad news never had good timing." These are facts of life. Sometimes we experience crippling pain, physical or emotional, that makes us feel like we can never move on. Things usually go in the complete opposite direction we expect them to go in, and bad things happen when we think things couldn't get much worse. But sometimes need to "turn off our tears and listen" for all the blessings we have. (Sorry about all my cheesy quotes!) The heart of life is simply good. The essentials of this gospel are sweet and can mend the most broken heart and the most torn apart life. People at their core have good intentions and amazing potential. Heavenly Father has blessed us with so much to keep us happy even as we go through this world of turmoil and heartache. We have the truth! We have hope and prophets and scriptures! We have families, though they are often imperfect in this life, that we can hope to perfect and complete in the next life. Heavenly Father will take care of all of His children and make sure we are all as happy as we allow ourselves to be. We all have "circles of friends" to point out the silver lining to us. Listen to them! We will be so much happier in this life if we choose to see that silver lining rather than the dark clouds we have to suffer through to get to it. And yes that is a conscious choice we can each make. Sometimes it can take a long time to come to that decision. And that is ok! Sometimes we have a right to cry and get our sorrows off our chest, but then we have to keep pressing forward and choosing to be happy. Then there's the final line of the song I want to talk about: "Fear is a friend that's misunderstood." Just because we are afraid doesn't mean we should let that fear overwhelm us and stop us from doing what we need to do and being who we need to be. The scariest things we do in this life are often the best for us! For me its change. It is really hard to change but I always come out of it a better person, because I allowed that change to take place. And in the end life can be happy. We all go through our different types of struggles that are just as difficult for us as another person's trials are for them. But I know that my happiness, like my faith, is something that no one ever ever can take away from me. And I know that deep down, people are good and this life was meant for each of us to discover that decency within one another. I know the heart of life is good. :) (Hopefully you're used to it by now, but again, please forgive my cheesiness!)   

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