Sunday, November 20, 2011


Life is hard. There is no denying that each of us have trials, pains and challenges that push us to our limits. But it IS worth it. lately I have learned so much about life. I'm not going to pretend that I am perfect or know so much more about life than everyone else around me, but one thing I know for myself at least is that life is the most amazing blessing we could ever receive. Learning and growing is the most satisfactory feeling I have ever felt. I can look back on my life, to this summer, to last year, or further and say that I have grown up. A lot. I have drawn closer to my Savior, relied on my Father's love, and felt His Peace through the Holy Spirit. I have learned to be self sufficient and to do what is best for ME and not for others. But how could I have gotten to where I am today without all the tough stuff I have gone through? Not going to lie that my life could be a lot worse than it is. But that doesn't make it easy. Realizing that I have a LOT to work on is what taught me to look to my Savior. Losing friends and feeling so lonely I could cry (often unnecessarily) taught me to rely on my Father in Heaven instead of earthly things. Facing challenges that I don't think I can handle is what has taught me to look to the Holy Ghost. Would I have learned all this if life was easy? NO. Not even close. But how AMAZING is it to have these realizations that I am NOT alone? I'd say its worth everything I have gone through and so much more. That is what life is for. Its a process for us to show Heavenly Father that we care about Him. And for Him to teach us to become like Him. The most effective way of teaching is not to give us all the answers, but to cut us loose and let us figure it out our own way. It then becomes part of us on our own terms and no one else's. I love my life!