Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This Sunday, President Uchtdorf spoke at the CES Fireside. I was lucky enough to be able to see him live! Haha And I am so glad because he brought up his grandson or something and told us about how he gave a talk in church about preparing for a mission. The kid had a running countdown of years, months, weeks, days, and hours until he was old enough to serve a mission. It was absolutely adorable. The kid was like 12! Haha And that got me even more excited for my first baby brother getting his mission call THIS WEEK! AHHH! I am so proud of him. Anyway, President Uchtdorf's talk was on truths. What some are and how we must have an open heart to know them. How to discern them and how they are always true no matter what we think or believe. So to help me remain positive during these rough times, here's a few truths that I know are true 100% in my life. Sometimes I forget them or take them for granted, but I always know they are true.

1. I am a daughter of a true and living God. That Father in Heaven has blessed my life more times than I can ever count, and I can never repay Him for the love He shows to me everyday (even when I don't realize it.)
2. This gives me a divine nature. I am the spiritual offspring of a God. That gives me the potential to become a God myself someday after this life is over and allows me to inherit my Father's kingdom. This means that I have greatness within me. I have strength. I am a good person and can become even better as I strive to be more like my Savior. I think this is the hardest one to remember.
3. I also have an older brother  who loves me as much as my Heavenly Father does. He sacrificed unimaginable pains, that He might take my burdens, sorrows, and worries off my shoulders and guide me through this life. He died that I could be perfected and return to live with Him, my Father, and the rest of my eternal family someday. Words can not express my gratitude.
4. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created this amazing world that we live in today. He created the laws of science that we strive to understand, but won't until he perfects us. He created the human body, which is the most amazing creation I could ever imagine. My testimony of this grows each day as I learn more and more about the brilliant processes the body undergoes to function and grow. Millions and billions of activities are going on simultaneously in the body and our amazing brains keep up with it all and we stay alive and breathe all the time and don't even think about any of it. It is an absolute miracle. This could not have occurred by chance. My body is a divine gift from God and is a testament of His power and love for me. This alone makes me one of Gods greatest miracles.

I know that to some people these things seem far-fetched and even wacky. But in my life i have received witness upon witness that they are true. Even if we don't agree, which is perfectly fine, I will always stand by these truths that are most important to me. They give the strength and joy to carry on in life and keep a smile on my face. Life is truly happy when I can remember these basic gifts given from God. And even when it is hard, I always have these truths to rely on and I still love my life. :)