Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lessons From Fall

Today was a good day. As I walked through campus, I was in awe of the beautiful Autumn scenery. The mountains are covered in oranges and reds, all over campus the yellow leaves are falling. My favorites are the trees that are just starting to change. One tree had just the tips starting to turn red and it looked as though it had been dipped in red paint, ready to create something beautiful. While admiring all the gorgeous Fall hues, I realized on thing. All the wonder of the Fall season comes from change.

Oh boy. If you know me at all, you know that change isn't really my thing. I love to stay in the same place and have the same friends and have the same role for a long time. For instance, I lived in Helaman Halls for four years straight with the same job. What kind of college student stays in one place for so long?? As I am sure all of you have heard from me many times already, I am in the Fall of my life. (Or one of the many I suppose.) Everything is changing or about to change. I am terrified. I don't know what to do in my new environment. The worst part about it is that I have been seeing my life as a scary almost dreary place. I have been seeing the dead plants, the cold, and the dark skies. In doing this, I have missed the beauty of change.

There are two ways to see Autumn. The leaves fall off the trees, there is no grass and here lately, it rains a whole lot. But then there is the other side of crisp sunny days and lots of exciting colors. Its really all about perspective. In an earlier post, I talk about focusing on the Sunshine. Well, in the Fall I need to focus on the beauty. Change is hard and scary, but it has amazing results. There is an alluring charm to change. Change is what shapes us.

So I can look at change as ugly and scary or I can view it as a glorious opportunity to become better than I was. When I look back to when I first left home, I was more scared than I have ever been in my life. But looking back, I know that I am better than I was in high school. I have grown and learned so much. The changes I have gone through have given me knowledge, understanding, and a firmer testimony of my Savior. I am not anywhere near perfect, but I have come a long way. I get to choose how I view all the changes in my life. I can go with it and see the beauty of becoming better than I am today, or I can see only the end of old ways and allow it to hold me back. Hopefully I can remember that life is about being happy and excited for the changes coming around the corner and the growth that comes with it.

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