Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sometimes in life we get that little "Aha" moment when we finally realize why things happened the way they did. When we think to ourselves, "Why, Heavenly Father really knows what's up." Well, I feel like I have had a lot of those recently. I realized that just about everything I have done in my life for the past year has been preparing me for my life right now. I suppose life is always like that, but it feels especially important right now. For instance, like most unmarried girls approaching the age of 21, I felt a lot of the whole, "well if you're not married, why not go on a mission?" thing. However, I knew that that just was not what I was supposed to do with my life at the moment and now I am so so glad that I am here, so close to my friends and family and I understand one of the reasons why I need to keep living life here not serving the Lord elsewhere. Also, I struggled a lot the past two semesters. And it always seemed like just the silliest things. I couldn't understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Fall semester, I was quite bluntly reminded of all the weaknesses I have and realized I have SO far to go in my life. And because I was humbled then I was able to really work on those weaknesses while remaining humble and trusting the Lord which is something I REALLY need to do right now. Then winter semester, I was just stuck in this rut for weeks and weeks and could not figure out why I wasn't happier and why I wasn't improving. (I know it sounds like I'm getting all Negative Nancy, but here comes the good part.) But I got a few blessings that completely turned around my perspective and gave me such amazing advice and insight on how my Heavenly Father views me as a person, which also taught me how He views all of us here which has been an amazing help in my life right now. Basically what I am trying to say is that we don't have any clue what is going on in our lives. We  could be living one way and then out of nowhere everything gets turned around in a way we never would have seen coming. BUT there are a few people who can see around those corners (or "just around the river bend" as my good friend Pocahontas would say) and those people are (of course) Heavenly Father and our Savior. They know what is coming up for us even when we have no idea and so why on earth do we even try to argue with what He has planned for us? Why do we try to rely on what we think is best and stress and worry ourselves to death about it?? Obviously, we have to make a plan for our lives and do our best but life becomes so much easier when we simply turn ourselves over to Him and trust that He will take care of us. Ask Him for help and rest easy knowing that if we continue to try to draw nearer to Him, he's going to prepare us for what is ahead. And a lot of times that preparation comes through other trials. I am so so grateful for all the trials I have had leading up to right now in my life and I know that (almost) the only reason I went through them at all was because Heavenly Father knew that I would need those lessons later on. And He knew that because I have a Savior who has already gone through that for me. And I know that if I put my trust in Him right now and look for lessons I can learn from this part of my life, someday I can look back and say the same thing about trials know. We are so lucky to have rough patches in our lives. :) Because we can do hard things! :)


  1. Dear Kazhia,

    I'm pretty sure that is the major lesson of our age is that we may pretend like we have all this control, but really we don't. That doesn't mean we shouldn't live our lives or anything, but it does mean that we need to trust in those people that actually know what's going on. I'm so glad that I have been able to learn that and I'm sure I will constantly be reminded what little control I actually have. It is super humbling and it helps me to remember that everything happens for a reason! I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this right now :]

    Good luck! Don't forget about how awesome and wonderful you are!

  2. Awwwwww!!!!!!! Thanks Nikki!!You are so sweet and I LOOOOVE YOOOOU!!!!! :)